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Coinleader Review (coinleader.cc) FRAUD EXPOSED – Coinleader Scam Broker



Oct 1, 2023

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Coinleader (coinleader.cc)
These are some of the top reasons for you to steer clear of Coinleader because it is clearly out to defraud people.
Broker Rating

Coinleader (coinleader.cc) is without a doubt a %100 fraudulent brokerage firm. It is NOT a real broker! Stay away! Coinleader scam works by getting you to believe you can become rich by trading with them.

Coinleader Review

You have come to this Coinleader review and this shows that you are doing your homework where an online broker is concerned. This is the best decision you can make because it can help you steer clear of scams and frauds that have become a norm in the market nowadays.

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You do not want to see your hard-earned money go to waste just because you opted for a bad broker. It has happened to too many people out there and it never ends well. So, why take the risk? Rather than learning your lesson after you have lost your funds, it is better to be cautious from the get-go.

This means that when you are looking at online brokers, you should always remain skeptical until you have verified everything they claim. A fraudster is never going to admit to their true intentions. In fact, it is likely that they will do the opposite because they want to achieve their goal and you do not want them to do so. Researching a brokerage is the only way you can avoid this scenario. There is no need for you to be intimidated because there is no shortage of options.

If one broker does not work out, you can look at another. The key is to be thorough in your homework, so you do not miss anything and make the wrong choice. It will certainly benefit in the case of Coinleader that has been presented as a top-notch and regulated forex brokerage, catering to millions of traders all around the globe. At first glance, Coinleader seems to have everything going for it, whether it is in terms of the variety of assets, platform, or even its customer support.

Coinleader website

But, your homework will show you that you should steer clear of Coinleader entirely because it is not what it seems to be. Why should you do so? You can learn the reasons here.

False regulation claim

The first reason to steer clear of Coinleader is because it is falsely claiming to be regulated. The fact that a brokerage is unregulated is already a big problem because most legitimate companies would never offer their services without the proper authorization and license. Lack of regulation is already bad enough, but when you add lying about it on top of it, you can clearly see the intentions.

This applies to Coinleader as well because it claims to be regulated in Australia, which means it should have a license from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). But, this could not be further from the truth because a check of its online register does not show Coinleader anywhere. It shows that the broker is just trying to fool people into believing it is licensed and only a fraud would do so.

Offshore broker

It turns out that Coinleader is falsely claiming to be regulated because it is actually an offshore broker and most traders would never trust such a company. This is particularly true when you find out that it is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is notorious for being a scam haven. This is because the forex markets in SVG are not monitored by its regulatory authorities.

This means that anyone can set up a company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and not have to worry about oversight. This is exactly what scammers like Coinleader rely on because they do not want their activities monitored and do not want to be held accountable because they are up to no good.

High withdrawal fees and conditions

When you go through the Terms and Conditions that Coinleader has mentioned on its website, you will find another good reason to steer clear of this brokerage. It is demanding a hefty withdrawal fee from traders, which can eat into your profits significantly. These days, most of the brokers actually waive off withdrawal fees as a sign of good faith, but there is nothing good about Coinleader at all.

Secondly, you will also find that the withdrawal policy of Coinleader comes with some conditions. To be able to make withdrawals, you have to first meet a turnover requirement, or else you will be charged a fee and not allowed to withdraw. No authentic broker out there would ever prevent its clients from accessing their own money.

In addition, you will also learn that the turnover requirement that Coinleader is talking about it is so high that even professionals cannot achieve it. To put it simply, it is just a ruse to ensure that there can be no withdrawals altogether.

Trading platform issues

In its presentation, the MT5 trading platform has been advertised by Coinleader and even novice traders are aware that it is the top trading solution that exists today. Therefore, the idea of being able to use this platform is very exciting. But, when you try and access it on the broker’s website, you are not allowed to do so until you verify your identity.

This means that Coinleader is demanding personal and sensitive ID documents before it lets you view the trading platform it is offering. You should bear in mind that no legitimate company would ever try to do so. Yes, KYC requirements exist, but they do not blackmail you into sharing your documents in this way.

Lies about payment methods

When you check out the payment methods that Coinleader supports, you will be given a long list that includes debit and credit cards, such as VISA and MasterCard, bank wire transfers, PayPal and bitcoins. Some of these methods do give you the option of a chargeback, so you will be reassured. But, it turns out that Coinleader is lying about the payment methods.

At the time of deposit, the only method that will be available at Coinleader is bitcoins. This does not qualify for a chargeback, which means that you will not be able to file for a refund if there is any dispute.

The Answer

These are some of the top reasons for you to steer clear of Coinleader because it is clearly out to defraud people.

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