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Geminiltdfx Review (geminiltdfx.com) FRAUD EXPOSED – Geminiltdfx Scam Broker



Sep 23, 2023

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Geminiltdfx (geminiltdfx.com)
The red flags that you find in Geminiltdfx show that it is a scam broker that only wants to exploit people.
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Geminiltdfx (geminiltdfx.com) is without a doubt a %100 fraudulent brokerage firm. It is NOT a real broker! Stay away! Geminiltdfx scam works by getting you to believe you can become rich by trading with them.

Geminiltdfx Review

Even if you are just beginning your online trading journey, you will still be aware of the scams that happen in this space. There have been countless online trading scams over the years and they are usually conducted through fake and fraudulent brokerages.

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This means that when you are looking for one to open an account, you have to exercise caution. You can see in this Geminiltdfx review just how these criminals may try to hide their red flags, but if you are ready to make the effort, you can see them for yourself and steer clear of them completely.

It pays to be careful in today’s world because these scammers are often hiding in plain sight and even professionals cannot identify them right away. There have been too many incidents for you to let your guard down for any platform, no matter how much you may have heard about it.

Most scam victims have one thing in common; they do not do their homework and have to learn their lesson the hard way. The key is to learn from the mistakes of others and not take anything for granted when it comes to the internet.

No matter how appealing or professional an online broker appears, you have to work to ensure there are no red flags to be found and everything is as advertised. This does not mean that you spend days, weeks, or months researching a brokerage.

It is not a very time consuming process, as long as you know what to look for. You can see it for yourself in this Geminiltdfx review that helps you see the red flags, which this so-called regulated forex brokerage is hiding. The Geminiltdfx website comes off as a professional one and seems to have all the features and offerings you would expect from a reliable platform.

Geminiltdfx website

They have plenty of instruments to offer and Geminiltdfx also promises an innovative trading platform to its clients, but doing your homework can let you see the red flags. What are they? You can find them below.

Lack of regulation

If there is one red flag that you cannot and should not ignore about an online broker, it is about their regulation. A genuine and legitimate broker will be regulated and licensed in the country it is based in because this is a legal requirement in most parts of the world.

It helps them in building trust with their clients because it provides a layer of security to those who are using their services. Regulated brokers are known to offer quality services that meet high standards and they can also be held accountable in case of any issues.

No matter how attractive a brokerage appears, you need to check their regulation and this also applies to Geminiltdfx. You will find that it claims to be registered in the United States, specifically New York.

The US is one of the heavily regulated markets in the world, so this may be considered a good thing, but you will find discrepancies in its claims. First off, even though it has a New York address, the phone number that you will find on the Geminiltdfx website puts it in Oklahoma.

Secondly, to be able to operate in the US, a brokerage has to have a license from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and be a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). But, you can check their online registers and none of them have Geminiltdfx mentioned anywhere. This shows that the brokerage is not regulated in the US and cannot operate from there.

Poor trading platform

One of the biggest claims that Geminiltdfx makes is that it is offering its clients an innovative trading platform. This is important because the trading platform plays a key role in your trading experience. It has a big impact on your performance because you have to use it for executing your trades and it also provides the tools and functionalities that can help you make smart and well-informed decisions.

Unfortunately, you will find that this is another empty promise that Geminiltdfx has made because it does not have an innovative trading platform at all. What it does have is a basic and oversimplified web trading platform that should be considered a red flag. No broker worth its salt would ever provide its clients with such a poor trading platform that lacks the tools and features needed for a seamless trading experience.

It is not even remotely close to the MT4, or MT5 trading platforms that are the top ones in the market. This shows that Geminiltdfx is not interested in catering to its clients.

Unfavorable trading conditions

The trading conditions that you are provided at Geminiltdfx are also downright horrible and another prominent red flag because they help you see that the brokerage is only interested in exploiting you. First off, it demands a minimum deposit of $1,000 from its clients, which is just too high these days. Most of the platforms allow their clients to open accounts for as low as $5, or $10.

The standard minimum deposit is also $250, but like other scam platforms, you will see that Geminiltdfx is asking four times the standard amount. The spreads that are offered at Geminiltdfx also start from 3 pips, which are more than three times higher than average platforms.

Only bitcoin deposits

Yet another red flag that you cannot possibly ignore when it comes to Geminiltdfx is that it only supports bitcoin deposits on its platform. There is no doubt that recent years have seen crypto gain unprecedented popularity, but this has also seen a rise in fraudulent activity. Since crypto payments are anonymous and irreversible, many scammers prefer to use this option so they can steal people’s money.

Legitimate brokers will always offer their clients a variety to choose from, including methods that offer a chargeback. But, you cannot do this with Geminiltdfx because it only takes bitcoin deposits, which means your payments will be final.

Closing Thoughts

The red flags that you find in Geminiltdfx show that it is a scam broker that only wants to exploit people.

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