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Globe Invest Hub Review (globeinvesthub.com) FRAUD EXPOSED – GlobeInvestHub Scam Broker



Sep 7, 2023

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Globe Invest Hub (globeinvesthub.com)
These troublesome facts that you discover about Globe Invest Hub make it apparent that you are dealing with a fraudulent firm.
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Globe Invest Hub (globeinvesthub.com) is without a doubt a %100 fraudulent brokerage firm. It is NOT a real broker! Stay away! GlobeInvestHub scam works by getting you to believe you can become rich by trading with them.

Globe Invest Hub Review

The financial markets have always been very lucrative, but they were never as easily accessible as they are today. These days, you can trade from the comfort of your home, all thanks to online brokers who are ready to facilitate you. But, not all of them have good intentions. Some of these are just frauds and scams that are interested in swindling people and countless people have fallen into their traps. Until you want to be next, you should go through this Globe Invest Hub review because it will help you see just how these scammers operate, so you can protect yourself.

Globe Invest Hub Review

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Nine times out of ten, people end up with fraudulent brokers because they are not aware of how they operate. You need to remember that these platforms do not come with any obvious warning signs that they are a scam. They are quite like the genuine companies that you will come across. Many have similar websites and make similar claims as well. But, the difference is that with scammers, all of this is just talk and they will not live up to a single claim. This is how you can make the right choice i.e. verify everything you are being told.

You should not forget that the fraudsters are very good at spinning a convincing story to get you to believe and trust them. Rather than taking their word for anything, you should take everything with a grain of salt and verify the details to ensure you are not being misled. If everything is as it appears, you can go ahead and open an account with the broker. If not, you can look for a different option. Doing this with Globe Invest Hub is certainly a good idea because it seems to be just the right fit at first glance. It claims to be an award-winning brokerage based in the UK that offers trading of forex pairs, precious metals, shares, indices, soft and energy commodities and crypto pairs.

However, you will come across some troublesome facts about Globe Invest Hub when you try and verify what it is claiming. Some of these are mentioned here.

Absence of licensing

The easiest way for you to assess the reliability and credibility of any brokerage is by taking a look at its license. Every legitimate online broker has a license from the regulatory body of the jurisdiction where it is based. This adds a layer of security because it tells you that the company you are choosing maintains a certain standard of service, is compliant with rules and laws and offers you protection in terms of safety of funds and data. Plus, you can also hold it accountable if there is any dispute in the future. None of this is possible if the brokerage is fraudulent.

As mentioned above, the most prominent claim that Globe Invest Hub makes is that it is a UK-based brokerage. The United Kingdom is one of the world’s well-regulated regions and its regulatory body known as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is also one of the top ones in the world. Their license is considered extremely valuable because it is granted after a strict criteria has been met. Since Globe Invest Hub claims to be based in the UK, it is implied that it would be regulated by the FCA.

After all, no brokerage can operate in the country without their authorization, but when you check its online database, you are not going to find Globe Invest Hub in there. This will immediately make it evident that you are dealing with an unlicensed and unregulated brokerage. In fact, you will find that the FCA has actually issued a warning about Globe Invest Hub. It seems that the broker is operating in the UK, but without a license and this has prompted the FCA to warn people that it is not regulated and should not be trusted because it is operating illegally.

Lack of trading platform

The most crucial offering of an online broker is the trading platform that connects you to the market and helps you execute your trades. It is also integrated with the trading tools that can be useful in making well-informed decisions. On the Globe Invest Hub website, you are promised an advanced trading platform, but no details are provided. It becomes clear as to why Globe Invest Hub has not given more information because their trading platform is not functional at all.

First and foremost, there is no demo account available, so you have to register yourself with Globe Invest Hub to check their trading platform. This is when you find that there is just a simple dashboard available on the website, which is meant to be a substitute for the trading platform. The problem is that the dashboard just shows you a bunch of numbers and allows you to make a deposit. There is no option of trading, which is the primary function of a trading platform.

Unfavorable trading conditions

Since there is no trading platform available at Globe Invest Hub, the trading conditions should not matter. But, checking them out gives further confirmation that the broker is a fraud. The leverage ratios offered at Globe Invest Hub are 1:200 and these cannot be offered by a UK broker. It is because the FCA has capped the leverage at 1:30 for retail traders because higher leverage is extremely risky and can result in hefty losses.

Furthermore, the spreads that are offered at Globe Invest Hub are also not very favorable. They start at 2 pips and this is still 2 times higher than average spreads of most brokers.

No chargeback

Even though a ton of payment methods have been advertised on the Globe Invest Hub website, it is offering just crypto payments to its clients. The problem with crypto deposits is that they do not qualify for a chargeback, as in the case of debit and credit cards. This means you are not getting your funds back if there are any issues. Also, crypto payments are also anonymous and this means that you will have no idea where your money went.

Final Thoughts

These troublesome facts that you discover about Globe Invest Hub make it apparent that you are dealing with a fraudulent firm.

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