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Nurp Review (nurp.com) FRAUD EXPOSED – Nurp Scam Trading Platform



Feb 1, 2024

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Nurp (nurp.com)
The warning signs that you will identify at Nurp make it evident that the broker is a sham and out to exploit you.
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Nurp (nurp.com)is without a doubt a %100 fraudulent trading firm. It is NOT a real platform! Stay away! Nurp scam works by getting you to believe you can become rich by trading with them.


You have ended on this Nurp review, which means you are also drawn to the siren call of online trading. The promise of riches can be hard to resist, but you have to remember that not just any trading platform will do. There seems to be an endless list of options and weeding through them can be tricky because there are frauds lurking in the market. Their fancy websites and big promises can be very inviting, but you need to form your own conclusions to find a reliable and professional trading platform. You cannot expect a fraudulent and scam trading platform to warn you off itself.


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But, you have to know what makes a trading platform fraudulent to be able to distinguish between them and genuine ones. On the surface, they may look very similar, as you will see when you first look at the Nurp trading platform. It offers you access to over 200 trading instruments on the MT5 platform and attractive leverage ratios. This sounds like a great deal for any trader, but a closer scrutiny exposes the truth behind Nurp’s glittering mirage. Take a look.

The trading platform’s anonymity

If there is one way for you to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent trading platforms, it is through their regulatory status. A trading platform that operates without a license and is not regulated is more likely to be a scam, while one that has a license offers you peace of mind due to its oversight. With Nurp, the problem is not just the lack of regulation; it is that the trading platform does not even bother to talk about it.

This shows that it is unconcerned about its reputation and credibility, which is not a characteristic of a legitimate trading platform. A genuine one would be upfront about its regulatory status in order to reassure its clients and for earning their trust. Not only does the Nurp trading platform does not do so, it also does not believe in transparency. This is because it has not shared any detail about itself on its website. You will not find a company name, any corporate background, address, location, or even a phone number. You are dealing with a nameless and faceless entity that expects you to trust it with your money and your data.


The lie about MT5

The MT5 platform is recognized as the most powerful trading software in the market today and offered by almost every legit trading platform due to its powerful and cutting-edge capabilities. The Nurp trading platform also promises the MT5 platform to its clients, which may seem very impressive until you look for it on the website.

This is where you will come to know that there is no MT5 available. As a matter of fact, there seems to be no Nurp platform altogether. All you will find are a few TradingView charts that do not come with any trading capabilities. You cannot use them for executing trades and there are no tools. To put it simply, the trading platform is incapable of facilitating trading because it does not have the software that makes it possible.

The attempt to steal

When you go through the Nurp trading platform’s website, you will come across two benign icons of AnyDesk and TeamViewer. These are recognized as two remote desktop software applications and their purpose is to give users access to the data on their desktop PCs regardless of their location. This is extremely convenient for traders who are often on the move.

The problem is that trading platforms like Nurp require you to share the installation details with them when you download any of these apps. Once you do, they will have full access to your data, which means they can steal your personal information like passwords and bank account details, thereby draining your accounts and exploiting you in other ways.

The high leverage

The fact that the Nurp trading platform is offering you leverage ratios as high as 1:1000 should also tell you that it is not concerned about its clients. As attractive as leverage is, it comes with high risk because the financial markets are volatile and trades can go wrong. If that happens, your losses will multiply, not just your profits. Regulatory authorities have limited leverage ratios in most regions and only unregulated and fraudulent platforms offer such high ratios to lure in potential victims.

Exorbitant minimum deposit

The fact that you have to deposit a whopping $5,000 to open an account with Nurp should be enough for you to avoid the trading platform. The standard deposit is between $200 and $250 and even that has been waived off on many platforms that are allowing traders to sign up for as little as $10. Only scammers demand a higher deposit because they know they have the one shot.

The Final Verdict

The flaws and glaring issues highlighted in this Nurp review show exactly what makes this trading platform a fraud and one that you should never choose for your trading journey.

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